• Camouflage Brush: Travel Size

  • Chisel Blush Multi-functional Brush:Travel Size

  • Detail / Deluxe: Duo Brush Travel Size

  • Fluff Brush Travel Size

  • Mini Set w/ORIGIONAL Face Chart

  • Professional Travel Size Makeup Brush Set (Patent #8562352)


Juanita's eye

Saisha using our DUO brush on celebArmed with the knowledge that most women can’t afford the luxury of having their own


makeup artist everyday but want the flawless look of celebrities, Andrea invented the (patented) Fairweather Faces COLOR-CODED Beauty system.

Her revolutionary line of face charts and makeup brushes are color coded so women can easily match and apply a variety of different looks on the go. From glamorous to natural, Fairweather Faces’  (foolproof) makeup system shows women how, when and where to apply their makeup. By followingthis easy to use color coding system they know exactly which (travel sized) brushes to use; where to put foundation, blush and eyeshadow; how to properly blend textures and more.

“I can’t do makeup without the DUO brush.”(Celebrity Makeup Artist-Saisha Beecham)

Now you can create Andrea’s celebrity makeup designs for yourself!

Match Face Charts & Makeup Brushes with Cosmetics by using our Traveling Beauty  Kits

All Makeup Brushes are: ®

  • (Patented) Color Coded ®
  • Travel Sized
  • Multi-functional
  • Face Charts ® – (Patented) Choose from a variety of Themed Face Charts; Travel-Sized

Multi-functional Tip: Makeup Brushes 
Can be used with all makeup bases: Water, Powder, Cream, Gel.

Simply tissue off  the hairs in between each makeup base use

We guide your makeup application:

Revolutionary: Color-Coded system
(Learn How, When & Where to use our Makeup Brushes)

Essential: Don’t know what colors to use ?
(The colors are chosen for you – look at the colors on the finished side of the Face Chart and match them to cosmetic products you already own or others you want to try), plus more…

Simplified: Our tools are Travel Sized
(Take the Face Charts and Color-Coded / Multi-functional Makeup Brushes anywhere!

You can now create fresh, natural  to flawlessly glamorous makeup designs= COLOR-CODED BEAUTY

       More info-

Watch our CEO (Andrea) create the ORIGINAL Face Chart look on herself in 5 minutes!-

Watch the Reviews-


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